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Are you ready to expand your skills and gain a significant competitive edge in your negotiation techniques? Then Splendid Tiger trainings are designed for you and your team. Our Academy Of Destination® can help you discover new skills and enhance your current level of expertise. We offer online and onsite sessions that are highly intense, interactive and creative. Get ready to transform.

Blended training

Commercial Negotiation

You can always expect the unexpected in any type of negotiation situation. That’s why we’ll prepare you for any and every possibility in this Commercial Negotiation Training, which is one in a three-part series of negotiation trainings.

Whether you negotiate in simple or highly-complicated situations, learn the proven art and science of effective commercial negotiation. Avoid unfavourable outcomes by learning to plan, prepare to analyse for favourable outcomes and gain the advantage you need to succeed.

You will be equipped to:

  • Prepare for any situation
  • Use strategies and profiling techniques
  • Identify and leverage sources of power
  • Create power locks
  • Break deadlocks
  • Know and apply tactics and counter-tactics
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For whom?

Professionals working in

  • Procurement & supply chain management
  • Buyers
  • Category & Sourcing managers
  • Contract & vendor managers
  • Project managers
  • Supply chain managers
  • Supplier managers
  • Strategic relations management
  • Sales and commercial managers

And if you feel that you could have gotten more out of negotiations, then this is the training for you.


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Customers experience
I learned how to improve my skills in only two days. Anil gave me insights about different ways to communicate and enhanced my knowledge and skills.
Very inspiring! Very energizing! Anil is a great trainer and even better coach who gives solutions to problems in a creative way.
This program showed me how sell my message, even with negative personalities. A must for anyone at any level!

Your blended learning suite

  • Improve your skills for virtual negotiations
  • Sharpen your current negotiation skills
  • Gain confidence built on a solid foundation
  • Transform your negotiation style
  • Increase your influence and ROI
  • Learn high impact negotiation techniques

Your business is unique. That’s why it’s up to you to choose which core training and optional areas of focus you’d like in your program. We’ll even help you to create your ideal program, including how, when and how long you’d like it delivered.

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Your business and department challenges are unique. That’s why you can choose which core training and optional areas of focus you want. We're flexible.

Learn the proven art and science with techniques for successful negotiations

Founder Anil Joshi

Hi there,
Nice to meet you.

“Even after twenty-years of training executives and managers, every time I meet a new team it feels as fresh and exciting as the first time. And that’s the kind of high energy I bring into every interaction and training session. Every interaction feels like a new interaction, each and every time.”

Anil’s certifications include:
• John Maxwell Leadership Coach Mentor Speaker Trainer Teacher
• Lencioni Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team Trainer
• Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach and Team Coach
• Vested Deal Architect / Sourcing Business Models / Outsourcing
• Vital Smarts Influencer Trainer
• Wiley DISC Trainer