Stakeholder Management

Consultative Selling

This training is for anyone in any function who wants acceptance for themselves and their ideas. As a professional you want your colleagues, suppliers and customers to buy into your ideas, plans and solutions. Adding value to others adds value to you. But how can you do this? Consultative selling is an influencing approach that will help you understand the core needs of anyone by being a detective and problem solver.  Imagine how empowering it will feel when anyone says, “You really understand my situation” or “You are my reliable problem solver”. This consultative selling training will help you get there, faster and efficiently with impact that sticks. 

Why this training?

Consultative selling is not only for Sales. It can be applied in any situation, in any function, by anyone. Why is it that some people are very effective in getting their ideas accepted by others while other do not? They all work very hard. They apply consultative selling skills. The problem-solving approach applied to influence others, is called consultative selling. If you want to diagnose and solve problems faster than anyone else and get your ideas accepted, then this training is for you. This is a definite influence and career booster.

  • Connect, convince, collaborate 
  • Position yourself a trusted authority 
  • Build deep and long-lasting relationships  
  • The consultative selling methodology 
  • Needs analysis preparation building blocks 
  • A question driven approach to uncovering needs 
  • Give advice and recommendations that get acceptance  
  • Mindset and principles for successful consultative selling 
  • Active and passive strategies to build
    and relationships 
  • Cognitive reframing to challenge the current way of working and create alternative ways of viewing reality
  • Deep connection and influence through skilful
    choice of words
    and sentences 
  • Value propositions approach that is
    and effective 
  • PARC© business storytelling that connects
    the head and heart 
  • Practical tools to detect, connect and transport
    your messages with impact
  • Procurement, Sales and any function 
  • Young and seasoned professionals 
  • Leaders and managers 
  • Anyone wanting to increase their influence 
Founder Anil Joshi

Hi there,
Nice to meet you.

“Even after twenty-years of training executives and managers, every time I meet a new team it feels as fresh and exciting as the first time. And that’s the kind of high energy I bring into every interaction and training session. Every interaction feels like a new interaction, each and every time.”

Anil’s certifications include:
• John Maxwell Leadership Coach Mentor Speaker Trainer Teacher
• Lencioni Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team Trainer
• Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach and Team Coach
• Vested Deal Architect / Sourcing Business Models / Outsourcing
• Vital Smarts Influencer Trainer
• Wiley DISC Trainer

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