Dealing with Monopolistic Behaviour

Power is not evenly spread in many business relationships. One party with more power can behave like a monopolistic to tilt the negotiation in their favour. Such a competitive strategy runs the risk of ‘lose’ for one and ‘win’ for the other. Sometimes, parties have to continue to work with each other even after an unfavourable outcome for one. You will gain useful insights from trends in business relationship, the types of monopolists, methods to analyse sources of leverage and synergies and the behaviours that will help you influence the other party. Practical tips are given throughout the training.
Splendid Tip: we recommend to complete the Professional Negotiations Training first. 

Why this training?

If you are in such relationships, then negotiations are tough because there is little chance of getting improved outcomes. This training will equip you with the knowledge, skills and the powerful influencing mindset needed to turn the tables. A go to training programme for those who want to deal with power negotiators. Get your power back, now.


This training will help you:

  • Deal with monopolistic behaviour 
  • Be prepared for complex scenarios 
  • Leveraging power and influence
  • Unlock new ways to dealing with
    monopolistic behaviour
  • Create a blend of competitive and
    operative negotiation strategies 
  • Prepare negotiators profiles and target
    influencing strategies
  • Apply the pillars of power and influence 
  • Use of the practical Monopolist negotiation
    playbook with templates
  • Management 
  • Procurement, Sales, any commercial function 
  • Young and seasoned professionals 
  • Anyone in technical functions 
Founder Anil Joshi

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“Even after twenty-years of training executives and managers, every time I meet a new team it feels as fresh and exciting as the first time. And that’s the kind of high energy I bring into every interaction and training session. Every interaction feels like a new interaction, each and every time.”

Anil’s certifications include:
• John Maxwell Leadership Coach Mentor Speaker Trainer Teacher
• Lencioni Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team Trainer
• Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach and Team Coach
• Vested Deal Architect / Sourcing Business Models / Outsourcing
• Vital Smarts Influencer Trainer
• Wiley DISC Trainer

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