Supplier Relationship Management

Strategic Supplier Management

Strategic Supplier Management is on the Executive agenda. Why? Effective external integration and collaboration with strategic suppliers is the next level of procurement contribution to business excellence. How? By unlocking mutual value, strategic supplier management focuses on joint value creation. This is built on a foundation of trust, made transparent through open communication and targeted collaboration with a chosen number of key/strategic suppliers. 

Why this training?

Replace ‘lock in’ with ‘unlock’. Unlock potential together, in good and tough times.” – Anil Joshi 

Strategic supplier management shifts focus from internal orientation to external value orientation, irrespective of the spend with a supplier. Mutuality in value generation is the foundational mindset. Maintaining a focus on being a customer of choice, getting preferential treatment, boosting competitiveness, generating stakeholder value, leveraging supplier capabilities, sharing risks and profits, balancing investments, and capturing monetary and non-monetary benefits. This requires business alignment, structure and leadership skills. 

This training will help you unlock potential, for you, your organisation and your strategic supplier. 

  • Strategic supplier management what it is 
  • Strategic supplier management what it is not
  • Strategic supplier management trends 
  • The do’s and don’ts learnings from research
    business cases 
  • When & why is a supplier strategic or a partner? 
  • Building blocks of strategic supplier management
  • Challenges in building strategic supplier relationships 
  • Models for deeper relationships and alignment 
  • Capabilities that drive competitive advantage 
  • Organisational requirements 
  • Mindsets & behaviours 
  • Guiding principles for success 
  • Toolkit and robust framework for strategic
    supplier account management 
  • Procurement professionals 
  • Relationship managers 
  • Senior management  
  • Anyone interacting with suppliers 
  • Anyone with the ambition to manage
    complex supplier relationships
Founder Anil Joshi

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“Even after twenty-years of training executives and managers, every time I meet a new team it feels as fresh and exciting as the first time. And that’s the kind of high energy I bring into every interaction and training session. Every interaction feels like a new interaction, each and every time.”

Anil’s certifications include:
• John Maxwell Leadership Coach Mentor Speaker Trainer Teacher
• Lencioni Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team Trainer
• Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach and Team Coach
• Vested Deal Architect / Sourcing Business Models / Outsourcing
• Vital Smarts Influencer Trainer
• Wiley DISC Trainer

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